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What is Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a ‘Customer Relationship Management’ application. It’s a category of data-driven and integrated solutions which improve how you interact and do business with your customers. This is a server-client application, an IIS-based web application. This application provides all-in once business management solution for all types of businesses. Also it is easy to use and adapt CRM system/application through which the business can manage and maintain customer relationships, track engagements and sales, and deliver actionable data—all in one place.

What Does A Microsoft Dynamics CRM Solution Do?

CRM solutions is a well-organized process which increases the profitability in your marketing, sales and service departments. A strong and versatile CRM solution is a multifaceted platform where any business can develop, improve and retain the relationship with the customers. This solution will help business to grow the opportunities and revenue because you are maximizing your business relationships.
Below are the fundamentals of ‘Customer Relationship Management’
The CRM tools help the business to grow its revenue and make the customer-facing functions easier. It contains:
  • Centralize customer information
  • Automate marketing interactions
  • Provide business intelligence
  • Facilitate communications
  • Track sales opportunities
  • Analyze data
  • Enable responsive customer service
Running a successful streamlined business is very difficult task. When marketing campaign, campaign management, tracking sales goal, data analysis, meetings with customers, providing services to customer, and more happen simultaneously, you definitely need a powerful CRM solution to bring all these modules together at one place. Microsoft Dynamics 365 delivers a 360 degree view of customer through five individual modules: Sales, Customer Service, Field Service, Project Service Automation, and Marketing which work seamlessly together. Any business can buy whatever is required to its business needs, and add others modules as those needs grow. Wish you happy learning with Progmatics!!! Regards, Progmatics Team


Microsoft offers four different license options of CRM Online. The most popular option is Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Professional ($65*). Microsoft also offers Enterprise ($200*), Basic ($30*), and Essential ($15*) licenses. Visit the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Price and License Guide for more information. *All prices are per user, per month.

  • A Microsoft Partner is an independent company that provides value-added services and products to Microsoft customers.
  • You pay Microsoft directly for CRM Online and any other Microsoft services such as Office 365. You pay xRM for any additional services, such as consulting.

The tremendous number of features in CRM Online can be intimidating for some new users. We offer two free services that can help you get started: our CRM Online Webinars and the Success Portal, a self-help CRM Online training video library. We also encourage you to visit the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Customer Center.

All technical support questions should be directed to Microsoft. Unlimited Microsoft technical and billing support is available to all CRM Online subscribers. Visit the Microsoft Dynamics Support site, or call 1-800-936-4900. xRM also offers supplemental Microsoft CRM Online support if you purchase Prepaid Consulting Time.

Microsoft occasionally offers special promotions for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and Office 365. View all current promotions.

The user minimum for a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online subscription is five (5) Professional licenses. Once that minimum threshold has been reached, you may mix and match additional Basic and Essential licenses. If you need fewer than five users, please consider Hosted Microsoft Dynamics CRM, which requires a minimum of one (1) Professional license only.

You can convert your Dynamics CRM Online trial on Office 365 Admin Center. On the left-hand side of the page click Licensing. Then select Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Trial, and finally click Buy Now. Follow the instructions on the screen to enter your payment information. Alternatively, you can use a free Microsoft 365 trial to test out Dynamics 365, the newest evolution of CRM solutions.

One year

CRM Online has an annual commitment. Cancellation is allowed within the first 30 days of purchase at no fee. However, customers are responsible for paying for the first 30 days. If you continue your subscription past 30 days but would like to cancel before your annual term ends, then the cancellation fee is one month’s subscription charges. (This fee is currently waived but may be applied in the future).

The tremendous number of features in CRM Online can be intimidating for some new users. We offer two free services that can help you get started: our CRM Online Webinars and the Success Portal, a self-help CRM Online training video library. We also encourage you to visit the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Customer Center.

Whom do I contact if I need consulting services or if I need customisation done to CRM Online to meet my business needs?

No, but having a partner can help ensure that your CRM Online deployment is a success. xRM offers several free and premium services that can help you get up and running more quickly and to do more with your CRM Online subscription.

No, naming xRM as your Partner of Record does not cost you anything.

The process is easy, but it depends on if you created your CRM Online account before or after August 1, 2012. Read how to designate xRM as your Partner of Record.

Yes, in addition to our free CRM Online Webinars and Success Portal, we offer QuickStart CRM Online training. We can also provide additional training services based on your requirements (standard consulting rates apply).

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